Cast of 2021 Broadway Season

*Indicates a member of Actors' Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers in the United States


Agrusa, Ashley


Anderson, Ellee


Arana, Jonathan*

Gabriel Aronson

Aronson, Gabe*


Baker, Blaire

Charley Balser

Balser, Charley

Gail Bennet

Bennett, Gail*

Derek Brazeau

Brazeau, Derek

Richard Bulda photo

Bulda, Richard*

Liam Burningham

Burningham, Liam

Caitlyn Caughell

Caughell, Caitlyn*

Maryn Christensen

Christensen, Maryn

Miridyan Clements

Clements, Miridyan

Brady Davis

Davis, Brady

Bryan Dobson

Dobson, Bryan*

Taya Diggs

Diggs, Taya

Todd Dubail

DuBail, Todd*

Isaac Ericksen

Ericksen, Isaac

Regan Featherstone

Featherstone, Regan*

Briana Gantsweg

Gantsweg, Briana

John Gardiner

Gardiner, John*

Ari Glauser

Glauser, Ari

Harper Griffith

Griffith, Harper

Sloane Griffith

Griffith, Sloane

Griffey the dog


Nathaniel Hackmann

Hackmann, Nathaniel*

Benjamin D. Hales

Hale, Benjamin D.*

Michael Scott Harris

Harris, Michael Scott*

Kavan Hashemian

Hashemian, Kavan*

Benjamin Howes

Howes, Benjamin*

Evin Johnson

Johnson, Evin

Randal Keith

Keith, Randal*

Crystal Kellogg

Kellogg, Crystal*

Mallory King

King, Mallory*

Angelina Kirchhausen

Kirchhausen, Angelina

Laurel Knell

Knell, Laurel

Camiron Koch

Koch, Camiron

Drew Lake

Lake, Drew

Terra C MacLeod

MacLeod, Terra C*

Victoria Madden

Madden, Victoria

Ethan Mathias as Lawrence Turner

Mathias, Ethan

Alexandra Melrose

Melrose, Alexandra*

Riley Moore

Moore, Riley

Brayden Morgan

Morgan, Brayden

Taylee Mortensen

Mortensen, Taylee

Emma Jo Neilsen

Neilson, Emma Jo

Adrienne Amanda Morrow

Morrow, Adrienne Amanda

Christopher Oram

Oram, Christopher K.

Rachel Perlman

Perlman, Rachel

Elliot Peterson

Peterson, Elliot*

Quincy the dog


Kyli Rae

Rae, Kyli*

Lydia Ricks

Ricks, Lydia

Penny Ricks

Ricks, Penny

Anna Robbins

Robbins, Anna

Heidi Swan Robbins

Robbins, Heidi Swan

Jacey Lee Robbins

Robbins, Jacey Lee

Mindy Smoot Robbins

Robbins, Mindy Smoot*

Mylee Robbins

Robbins, Mylee

Zora Jane Roberts

Roberts, Zora Jane

Layla Grace Robison

Robison, Layla Grace

Audrey Simmons

Simmons, Audrey Biehl

Brayden Singley

Singley, Brayden

Ava Smith

Smith, Ava

David Sonneborn

Sonneborn, David*

Sebastian Stephens

Stephens, Sebastian

Parlee Verlyn Stout

Stout, Parlee Verlyn

Charlie Stover

Stover, Charlie

Lilly Mae Stover

Stover, Lilly Mae

Josh Strickland

Strickland, Josh*

Hudson Sullivan

Sullivan, Hudson

Jordan Sullivan

Sullivan, Jordan

Colin Summers

Summers, Colin*

Phillip Taratula

Taratula, Phillip*

Abby Terry

Terry, Abby

Madilyn Terry

Terry, Madilyn

Christopher Tipps

Tipps, Christopher*

David Toole

Toole, David*

Kyle Vaughn

Vaughn, Kyle*

Johnathan Wagner

Wagner, Jonathan*

Jadon Webster

Webster, Jadon

Grant Westcott

Westcott, Grant

Richard Westfahl

Westfahl, Richard

Scott Whipple

Whipple, Scott*

Jessica White

White, Jessica

Zach Wilhelmsen

Wilhelmsen, Zach

Rosalind Wooley

Woolley, Rosalind

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