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The Fourth Annual New Works Program Oct 2019


In 2016 New Works selected for its debut Fairy Tale Christmas , music and lyrics by Michael McLean and Scott McLean and The First Gentlemen , music by Bret Simmons and lyrics by David Howard. 
Fairy Tale Christmas is a musical inspired by the children’s book of the same name and authors.  Its theme is about Santa Claus being kidnapped and falling victim to a nefarious plot by the usual fairy tale villains to only destroy Christmas but erase ‘Happily Ever After’ from every story.  Of course the fairy tale heroes must decide what they are willing to sacrifice to save Santa Claus and ‘Happily Ever After.’  Fairy Tale Christmas was featured at this year’s New York International Fringe Festival.
From the writer of DreamWorks’ hit science-fiction comedy 'Galaxy Quest ', comes an original musical comedy, The First Gentleman . First Gentleman is a musical comedy that is à propos to the current political climate.  When West Virginia’s Governor, Kathryn Noel Cassidy, is elected the first female President of the United States, her husband Russell, becomes the first First Gentleman. Suddenly, the entire family find themselves coping with being thrust into the limelight and how being the ultimate “working mom” affects their 15 year old son, Steven.

In 2017 New Works selected for its debut Academy , music and lyrics by John Mercurio, Conceived and Developed by Andrew Kato and Solana , music and lyrics by Michael Heitzman & Ilene Reid.

At St. Edward’s Academy, two seniors make a harmless bet on whether they can influence an unsuspecting freshman to break a few rules to succeed. But when the transaction goes recklessly out of control, the boys become entangled in a fight for their own academic and personal survival. Inspired by Goethe’s Faust, Academy is a musical about boys learning to become men and remaining true to themselves.

Solana , Chloe, a 25-year old, adopted Asian-American writer, is living at home with her family in rural Indiana struggling to write her "great American novel". When an unexpected visitor arrives, everything changes and she is thrown into a fairytale adventure full of surprises, twists and turns resulting in a profound understanding about herself and the unresolved feelings she has harbored about her adoption.

In 2018 New Works selected for its debut Painting Faye Salvez , music and lyrics by Rachel Coveyand Atlantis , music and lyrics by Matthew Lee Robins.

Painting Faye Salvez , It's been three years since Faye Salvez went missing and her family and friends still have no closure. When a young artist promises he can capture Faye's essence in a family portrait by speaking with loved ones, Faye's family and friends gather for a series of interviews over the course of one day. As tension builds, memories clash, and truths are challenged, one question arises: Is it the responsibility of the artist to present the truth, even if it's not what the audience wants to see?

Atlantis , When a young refugee washes ashore on the eve of a sacred solstice, political chaos ensues and gives birth to an unexpected leader. With an epic and moving score, this "glorious new musical" whisks audiences away to a mysterious island days before it disappears forever.


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