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Planned Giving

By establishing a planned gift with the Tuacahn Foundation, you are leaving a future legacy to Tuacahn.

For those looking to play an important role in securing Tuacahn’s continual artistic excellence, a planned or deferred gift is an excellent way to help. Most planned and deferred gifts are applied to the endowment fund, ensuring that your gift has an impact in perpetuity.

Planned gifts not only benefit Tuacahn, but the donor’s estate is entitled to an estate tax deduction for the full value of a bequest.

Benefits of Membership

  • In appreciation for your gift to support Tuacahn’s future excellence, you will be invited to attend events at Tuacahn especially planned for your enjoyment.
  • With your permission, you will be listed as a contributor in our seasonal Playbills.

How to become a member
A bequest is the easiest and most meaningful way to provide for Tuacahn’s future. A bequest is a gift made through your estate. It may be a specific dollar amount, a percentage of the estate, or a remainder after other distributions have been made.

Just tell us that you have made provisions for Tuacahn in your Will and you become eligible for benefits. We would appreciate knowing a general estimate of the potential amount of your bequest, but this information is not necessary, and if you provide it we will only use the amount for planning purposes. We will treat the amount with complete confidence and will not disclose the amount in any materials.

About Bequests

A bequest is one of the easiest ways to make significant future gifts to the individuals and charities that matter most to you. A bequest is a gift made through your estate. The donor’s estate is entitled to an estate tax deduction for the full value of the bequest.

General purpose bequest
An outright, general-purpose bequest from your estate is the most valuable to the Tuacahn Foundation because it gives our Board of Directors the flexibility to use your gift where it is needed most. For this reason, we encourage you to make an unrestricted bequest.

Endowment bequests
If you wish to provide a permanent source of funds for the support of Tuacahn, you may direct your bequest to Tuacahn’s endowment fund. You may specify whether your endowment gift is to be used for ongoing general-purpose support, or for one or more special purposes.

Special purpose endowments
In addition to our endowment for general-purposes, there is the “Professional Actors Endowment.” Please contact us if you would like to learn more about current named endowments, so you can consider whether or not a gift to these endowments fits your vision and goals.
If you would like to establish a named endowment fund, or designate your gift for some special purpose, we will be pleased to help you and your attorney tailor the language to suit your particular wishes and the needs of Tuacahn. Because of the permanence of an endowment gift, please be sure to contact us before you complete your Will.

Tax and legal information
The legal name to use in bequests is the “Tuacahn Foundation.” It is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization exempt from income, gift, and estate taxes. Its federal tax identification number is 870487695. We advise you to seek your own legal and tax advice in connection with gift and estate planning matters. Tuacahn does not provide legal or tax advice.

For more information about including Tuacahn in your Will or if you have already provided for Tuacahn in your estate plans, please contact Lindsay Garfias at (435) 652-3205 or [email protected]

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