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For over 25 years, Tuacahn Center for the arts has been creating family friendly theatre experiences that have driven crowds from all over the world. We often get told amazing stories from our guests about how the performance has moved them to laugh, cry and gasp in disbelief. Some of the most moving moments happened not because of performance, but because of why you came. We would love to share your story about what made Tuacahn special for you and why you chose us to spend your time with us!

Fill out a submission form here to make your way on to our website and potentially shared on social media! Thank you for your time and we can’t wait to read your stories!

Jacqueline Adams:

"July, 2014 we got engaged right there in the amphitheater. Just prior to the start of the show. A second chance at love. 50 yr old and 80. Yes that's right. We share a great love for music and life. My honey proposed with a beautiful ring and all. I cannot recall even more what saw. I was so excited and over the moon, I'm not sure I watched the show, I was probably staring down at my hand the whole time."

Alexis Barrett:

"We've always loved how the stories come to life at Tuacahn. During the 2017 season, Newsies was the show we were so excited to see. We were able to take my little brother to the show after a chemotherapy treatment. The message from Newsies to "Seize the Day" took on a whole new meaning for us then! After the show the cast was amazing and shared some inspiring words of encouragement to our cancer fighter! We'll never forget that show and cast!"

Bruce & Julie Molen:

"We attended the dedication of Tuacahn in April 1995. It was a very cold morning. President Gordon B. Hinckley offered the dedicatory prayer & we were entertained by a broadcast of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The most entertaining part of the program was before it officially started. The choir members were bundled up in coats & blankets as was Pres. Hinckley with a baseball cap to keep his bald head warm. In testing the sound system, Pres. Hinckley said to the audience, "Many are cold, but few are frozen." Just before the official program began the choir had to get rid of their caps, blankets & coats, most of which were tossed up into the audience. Pres. Hinckley then commented, "You look like one, big, unmade bed." This is a memory we have always treasured."

Doris Poders:

"I grew up in a family filled with music. My Father played instruments by ear - my Mother Piano, my Brothers played trumpet/clarinet and sax and I was fortunate to be born with a singing voice. I grew up appreciating wonderful talents from all genres of music. I studied pure tone methods of voice for 20 years. Was in many shows for many years. I'm now 82 and my three sons are all musical and writers/composers, etc. I now have the utmost appreciate for Tuacahn as I've been a subscriber for all the musicals for the past 10 years. Since we won't be able to see the shows this year, I'm so looking forward to next year and will be counting the months until then. Tuacahn is special because it is my HAPPY PLACE where I can be outdoors watching outstanding talents while loving all the shows that is presented and takes me back to so many years ago when life was a little easier and more friendly."

Mardene Beck McGrath:

"I have been to Tuachan many times with friends and family. I am always amazed at the shows' quality. My favorite was when I saw Newsies with some of my grandkids and before the show started young men playing the newsboys came out in the crowd selling papes. My granddaughter was 8 or so and was so excited. I gave her a coin and the young man had to go get another paper as he had sold all he had. He didn't forget her or where we were sitting. She bought a news boy hat at the gift shop and she still loves that hat today. She still says Newsies is her favorite show she has seen at Tuachan."