Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign

As a non-profit 501(c)(3) company, Tuacahn relies on the generosity of its patrons and donors in order to improve upon the experience our visitors have when they visit Tuacahn. With your help, we’ve been able to complete many capital projects in the past year. We’ve completed our new Artist Housing that will be used for our cast and crew during the season, and rented by you during the off-season! We have also refurbished our green room, now named the Fred & Anne-Marie Lampropoulos Green Room, that includes brand new children’s dressing rooms.

Additionally, Tuacahn recently held the grand opening for the new George S. & Dolores Doré Eccles Creative Center in September of 2020. This facility includes an ADA compliant elevator, a new box office that is centrally located between both our indoor and outdoor theatres, and is located on the ground floor of the theatre, which allows for easy access to retrieve tickets. It also includes a brand new conference room that is named in honor of Hyrum & Gail Smith, our beloved founder and friend and his dear wife. This space will also be used as a VIP space throughout the season.

With your support, capital campaigns like these allow us to continue providing patrons and donors like you an experience you can only find here amongst the red rocks at Tuacahn Center for the Arts. We look forward to our future as we continue to find ways to grow and be an integral part of southern Utah.

For more information, please call Lindsay Garfias at 435-652-3205 or email: [email protected]

Did you know…

  • The economic impact of Tuacahn Center for the Arts is estimated by Washington County and Lewis, Young, Robertson, and Burningham, Inc. to be over $100 million – as our patrons stay in hotels, eat at local restaurants, and shop in stores.

  • During 2019, more than 300,000 guests attended a production or concert at Tuacahn.

  • 20% of Tuacahn's patrons are from Southern Utah, 50% are from Northern Utah and 30% visit Tuacahn from outside the State of Utah.

  • Tuacahn employs more than 350 people and relies on the services of more than 300 volunteers.

  • Each year more than a quarter of Tuacahn's guests visit the Amphitheatre for the first time.

  • Tuacahn patrons come from all 50 United States and from 34 foreign countries.

  • Tuacahn High School for the Arts regularly achieves some of the highest test scores in Southern Utah.

  • Tuacahn casts professional actors, many having extensive experience performing on Broadway and other significant venues.