Ticket Policies

Ticket Policies

Ticket prices are subject to change. Purchase early for the best possible price.
Children’s pricing applies through 12 years old. Children’s pricing does not apply in Premium and Area 4 seating areas in the Tuacahn Amphitheatre.
Discount levels are subject to modification or deletion at any time. Tuacahn reserves the right to restrict, change the criteria, or eliminate discounts based on market demand and when a performance is expected to sell out. Discounts cannot be combined. Discounts are only guaranteed when a ticket is purchased for a specific performance on a specific date.
Discounts are not available in Premium or Area 4 seating. Discounts are not valid on opening nights or final week of performances. Discounts apply only to broadway shows. Discounts are not retroactive and must be requested at the time of purchase. 
No animals are permitted in our theatres during performances unless they
are ADA Certified Service Animals. Emotional support animals are not
permitted in our theatres.


All ticket orders are subject to handling fees of $4 per ticket. There is no additional charge when tickets are delivered via Email. There is a $2 per order delivery charge to have tickets mailed or picked up at will call. When purchasing a ticket with residency, retired military, membership or corporate employment restrictions, please present applicable ID at the time of ticket pick-up. Failure to have applicable ID will result in the loss of the discount with no refund option.


If you have been exposed to the Covid virus or are feeling ill on the date that you are scheduled to attend a performance, please follow the CDC guidelines and stay home. Call our friendly box office at 800-746-9882 as early as possible and we would be happy to exchange your tickets to another performance at no additional charge.

Concerts and Special Events

Tickets for concerts and special events are not exchangeable.

Tuacahn’s Professional Broadway Productions

Regular priced tickets for Broadway shows (i.e. Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Annie and The Count of Monte Cristo) may be exchanged with at least 24 hours advance notice, as follows:

Exchanging for a Specific Performance Date of the Same Show:

Most tickets can be exchanged upon the payment of an exchange fee of $6 per ticket.

Exchanging When The New Date Is Not Known/Different Show:

Most tickets can be exchanged for an Exchange Card which may be used for any other Tuacahn production in the same calendar year upon the payment of an exchange fee of $8 per ticket. Exchange cards cannot be carried over to future years or seasons.

Exchanging on the Day Of Performance:

On special circumstances where tickets need to be exchanged on the day of the performance, a $10 exception exchange fee will be charged per ticket.


Special promotional tickets (Radio, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) , deeply discounted tickets (35% or higher), and complimentary tickets, are not exchangeable. These tickets may only be used for the performance date on the ticket. 

These tickets are never refundable even if the performance is cancelled. Under certain circumstances you may be able to exchange the tickets to another performance of the same show during the same season.


All Broadway tickets are non-refundable unless covered by Ticket Protection. For peace of mind, Ticket Protection is available for $5 per ticket to cover show cancellation due to weather or specified personal emergencies. Ticket Protection is only available at the time of ticket purchase. It is not available after the ticket purchase is completed.

Ticket Protection Policy for Tuacahn’s Professional Broadway Productions

Ticket Protection reimburses you for the cost of your show tickets if You are unable to use Your ticket(s) due to one or more of the following Covered Reasons:
* Show cancellation due to weather or as deemed necessary by management before intermission. The show may not be cancelled during some inclement weather, in which case there would be no refund.
* Any serious Injury or any unforeseen serious Illness occurring to You or Your Companion which results in You being unable to attend the event for which the Single-Day Ticket is purchased. You or Your Companion must be examined by a Physician within 72 hours of the cancellation and the Physician must advise You or Your Companion not to attend the event.
* Any serious Injury or any unforeseen serious Illness occurring to Your Family Member which requires You to provide primary care to that person. Your Family Member must be examined by a Physician within 72 hours of the cancellation.
* Any serious Injury or any unforeseen serious Illness occurring to Your Family Member that is considered life threatening or requiring hospitalization. Your Family Member must be examined by a Physician within 72 hours of the cancellation.
* Your death or the death of a Family Member or a Companion on or within thirty (30) days prior to the event date.
* Your being required to serve on a jury or served with a court order or subpoena which requires Your appearance in court on the day of the event, and which prevents You from attending the event.
* Your home being made uninhabitable by fire, flood, burglary, vandalism, or natural disasters.
* You or Your Companion being directly involved in a traffic Accident on the day of the event that causes either: 1) an Injury to You or Your Companion; or 2) damage to the automobile that creates an immediate need for repair to ensure the safe operation of the vehicle.
* You or Your Companion, who are on Active Military Duty having personal leave revoked, except for disciplinary reasons.
* You or Your Companion, after having been with the same employer for at least three continuous years, are terminated or laid off, through no fault of Your own, after Your effective date of coverage.
* You or Your spouse are relocated by Your or Your spouse's current employer to a location that is at least 100 miles from Your primary residence.
* Your or Your Companion's automobile having a Mechanical Breakdown within 48 hours of the event which results in the vehicle being unable to be driven to the event.
* Your or Your Companion’s place of work is made unsuitable for business by fire, burglary, vandalism or natural disasters within 48 hours prior to the event.

Ticket Protection is valid for the date of the initial purchase only. If tickets are exchanged for a different date, Ticket Protection must be purchased for the new date for coverage to be valid.

Refunds or exchanges must be requested within 14 business days of missed performance.

Refunds will be processed via the original form of payment on the order.

Cost of Ticket Protection and all fees are not refundable.


Concert and Special Event tickets are never refundable. If an event is cancelled during the first 45 minutes of the main act performance, or before intermission, whichever comes first, you may receive a voucher, valued at the price you actually paid to Tuacahn for the tickets. This voucher can be used for other Tuacahn productions for the same season. If an event is cancelled after 45 minutes into the main act, or during/after intermission, there are no credits.

On rare occaisions when inclement weather is immenent or adverse as deemed by the artist, the concert may be moved to an indoor venue. There are no refunds or exchanges.

THIRD PARTY TRANSACTIONS – eBay, Craigslist, Ticket Brokers, etc.

Tuacahn strongly recommends that tickets be purchased only directly from Tuacahn (in person, over the phone or at www.tuacahn.org). Tuacahn is not responsible for the validity of tickets, or prices paid, for tickets purchased through third party sources such as eBay, Craigslist, ticket brokers or others. Tuacahn reserves the right to not honor tickets purchased from third party sources which are determined, in Tuacahn’s sole opinion, to have been altered, duplicated or counterfeited. Tuacahn also reserves the right to cancel any ticket which, in Tuacahn’s sole opinion, was purchased with the intent of reselling the ticket at a price higher than what Tuacahn charges. Tuacahn reserves the right to cancel any voucher (including tickets issued as the result of redeeming a voucher) if it is determined, in Tuacahn’s sole opinion, that the voucher was resold.

Tuacahn retains the right to change these policies at any time for any reason.