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For over 25 years, Tuacahn Center for the arts has been creating family friendly theatre experiences that have driven crowds from all over the world. We often get told amazing stories from our guests about how the performance has moved them to laugh, cry and gasp in disbelief. Some of the most moving moments happened not because of performance, but because of why you came. We would love to share your story about what made Tuacahn special for you and why you chose us to spend your time with us! Please fill out the submission form below to be considered to make your way on the front page of our website and potentially shared on social media! Thank you for your time and we can’t wait to read your stories!

Alexis Barrett

"We've always loved how the stories come to life at Tuacahn. During the 2017 season, Newsies was the show we were so excited to see. We were able to take my little brother to the show after a chemotherapy treatment. The message from Newsies to "Seize the Day" took on a whole new meaning for us then! After the show the cast was amazing and shared some inspiring words of encouragement to our cancer fighter! We'll never forget that show and cast!"

Jennifer Russell-Fenus

"My favorite Tuacahn memory is seeing Culture Club! I was the grand prize winner from KODJ’s contest & I got 3rd row center seats & met the band. I’ve been a fan of Culture Club since the very beginning (I was 9, maybe 10 when I discovered them in the early 80’s). The concert ticket stub dress I’m wearing back then is a lot longer now"

Ashley Walter:

"I performed in quite a few seasons, and I have so many wonderful memories. My favorite was when I was at "meet and greet" during "Crazy for You." A sweet family came up, and the mom introduced her three daughters she just adopted. They didn't know any English. She said she thought they enjoyed the show, and watched every second without looking away. The littlest child gave me a huge hug, and the mom started to cry. She said they have never shown any kind of affection. The little girl hugged me at least 20x during our conversation. It was a beautiful reminder that love is universal and comes in all languages."

Kristin Stout:

"Tuacahn has been a part of our family since it first opened and we would watch Utah each year. Now, I have grown have 6 kids of my own, and each year we see the shows at tuacahn. My husband and I also love watching the bands that come through, we have gone with our teen boys to some of the bands and always have so much much fun. Now, we are experiencing the fun of being on the other end of enjoying Tuacahn as our 4th child Parlee has been auditioning for her chance to shine on the stage. Tuacahn has been a part of creating memories for my family in so many different ways. Here is to the next 25!!"

Amy Floyd:

"My favorite memory of seeing a show at Tuacahn was the summer you did Matilda!  My daughter is a totally Broadway girl and just eats up your shows each summer.  Well, during the Matilda production, after intermission Mr. Wormwood comes out and pulls different kids sitting near the front on stage and asks them questions.  Well, Sasha was the second  kid he pulled on stage and I tell you what,  she was on cloud nine for the rest of the show.  After the show we made it up to the top in time to get in line to meet the cast.  Well, Mr. Wormwood remembered that she was one of the kids that was on stage and talked with her and remembered her name.  That was a night my daughter still talks about and one that we both will remember forever!!"

Will Haley:

"I grew up watching tuacahn shows. The first one I saw was Grease. I auditioned for Peter Pan but didn’t get in. But then a year later I auditioned for newsies and got it.  I remember on the first day while we were taking a tour I got to see all the beautiful scenery and I looked down at my employee badge and I just got the biggest smile on my face because getting to be/work there was like a dream come true! I met some of my best friends there. I live in Las Vegas but I still keep in contact from my friends that I met while doing shows at Tuacahn even though we live hours away from each other.  The people that I met at tuacahn have had such a positive influence on my life and I don’t think I’ll ever forget them!"

Janalee Waters:

"My story is about my beautiful granddaughter Lydia Ricks.
She played Matilda season 2018. When I went to watch her first performance I kept thinking I wish her Grandpa Brad was there to watch her. He passed away 6 years ago. When the did the scene where she was raised up during the song Quiet I watch as a shooting star went by as she sang. I knew he was there. He has always shown me by some sign at important moments that he is watching us from afar.
Love Tuacahn and the great people I’ve rubbed shoulder with."

Nashelie Sanchez:

"My sisters and I (Nashelie (headband), Shineah (blue) & Gema (green)
Sanchez) wanted to have a girls night, what better place then to go out and see a show! We had grown up listening to the music but sadly never saw the movie (The Sound of Music) until we were adults.
My sister (in the blue and long hair) had never seen the movie so this was her first experience with the story. We all loved it!!! Everyone was amazing it was also very windy and they stayed in character. Meeting Dallyn Vail Bayles was also a dream! We have been such big fans and even though we have attended many of his shows in the past they didn't have a meet and greet. Love him and it was also very sweet to meet the full cast!"

Our next entry in “Let Our Stories be Part of Yours” comes from Jill Barrow:

“It was amazing! I love musicals and The Little Mermaid is one of my favorites. I’ve literally gone to it every time Tuacahn has performed it. It was fun to see what changes were made from the last time. It was also so fun to meet the cast afterwards. They were all so nice! They were are very talented as well! I really enjoyed it!”