Furry Fun Facts

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Did you know?

This year, Tuacahn’s cast of Annie features not one, but two dogs filling the role of Sandy.

Lets get to know these adorable four-legged cast members.

Furry Fun Facts

(Provided by Tuacahn’s Animal Trainer and Handler Kimberlee Davis)

  • Griffey, a golden doodle from Mesquite, plays Sandy.
  • Quincy, a golden doodle from Ivins, plays Sandy’s understudy.
Griffey the dog

Griffey is a Golden doodle, cast in the role of Sandy the dog.

Quincy the dog

Quincy, a golden doodle, cast as the understudy for Sandy the dog.

  • Neither dog has acted before.
  • Griffey is 2 years old and has received excellent off leash training with his owners Dr. and Mrs. Harris.
  • Quincy is still learning but is picking up off leash training very quickly.
  • Both dogs live on site during the rehearsal season and the show run so they are always ready when it’s their time to shine.
  • Griffey and Quincy’s favorite treats are hot dogs and chicken.
  • Because the stage can get up to 180 degrees during the day in summer, crew members dump buckets of ice along the path where the dogs walk on stage. This keeps their paws cool, and helps them remember where to go.
  • Just like the actors, the dogs can wear ice vests to keep cool during rehearsals — and of course they have plenty of water.
Sandy the dog with Lydia Ricks (Annie)

Lydia Ricks (Annie) with best friend Griffey (Sandy).

Lydia Ricks (Annie) with two golden doodles

Lydia Ricks (Annie) making friends with Griffey and Quincy (Sandy).

Come see these furry actors perform in Annie, showing May 14 through July 10th

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