Mallory King holding her pup at Tucacahn,

Living at Tuacahn – Canyon Suites

Lisa Larson Tuacahn Grounds and Facilities 4 Comments

When actors and crew from around the nation come to work at Tuacahn during the Broadway season, they’re almost invariably amazed at the prospect of working in such a magnificent setting. Now, they get to live surrounded by the same beautiful views. “Living so close just makes life a lot easier for everyone.” Thanks to the completion of Canyon Suites …

Saturday Market at Tuacahn in Ivins

Visit Saturday Market

Pristine Marie Christenson Saturday Market, Tuacahn Grounds and Facilities 2 Comments

Move “Visit Saturday Market” to the Top of Your To-Do List Have you visited Tuacahn’s Saturday Market? It’s the thing you’ll want to tell your friends about and visit again and again because you’ll find new treasures that weren’t there the week before! It’s safe to say that visiting the Saturday Market is essentially a social influencer’s dream — complete …

Hafen Theatre stage with MDQ set

Tuacahn Indoors

Tuacahn Staff Hafen Theatre, Tuacahn Grounds and Facilities 1 Comment

Do you know about our Tuacahn Indoor Hafen Theatre? Every year in our indoor Hafen Theatre we have performances in the Spring, Summer and Winter. Indoor performances are Broadway caliber productions with professional casts full of actors from across the country from New York to Los Angeles. It’s a smaller theatre (428 seats), so you’ll be much closer to the …