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Our Live Orchestra

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Before the first actors step onto the stage, the Tuacahn performance begins with a wave of the conductor’s baton, bringing the orchestra to life and giving the audience a taste of what they are about to experience.

Horn players in the orchestra.

Musicians provide live accompaniment to the plays in the Tuacahn Amphitheatre.

“Live music has an energy that recorded music just doesn’t have” said Christopher Babbage, Tuacahn’s Music Supervisor.

Adding yet another layer to the sensory experience of live theater, the music swelling to fill the red rock Tuacahn Amphitheatre emanates from approximately 15 professional musicians housed in the indoor orchestra pit located to the audience’s left under the overflow seating. Actors follow the conductor’s cues by the way of a large television screen above the back of the Amphitheatre seats.

Pianist, Daniel Mollett, and drummer, Glenn Webb, in Tuacahn Orchestra.

Assistant musical director/keyboards Daniel Mollett, and drummer, Glenn Webb, in Tuacahn Orchestra.

Professional musicians are sourced locally when possible, but many come from around the country to enjoy the six-month run in southern Utah. Thanks to Tuacahn’s growing reputation in the music industry as “a breath of fresh air” and a “friendly organization in an industry that isn’t always known for its friendliness,” it’s not difficult to find high-caliber musicians who’d like to spend a summer making music under the stars.

The orchestra stand on the set of Annie.

Live orchestral accompaniment is one feature of many of the productions at Tuacahn.

Musical Directors, Supervisors and Coordiantors

  • Music Director: Bryson Baumgartel
  • Music Director/Keyboard 1: Daniel Mollett
  • Music Supervisor: Christopher Babbage
  • Music Coordinator/Keyboard Programming: Tracie Price

Orchestra Musicians

  • Keyboard 2: Noriko Sunamoto
  • Keyboard 3: Tami Creamer
  • Reed 1: (Flute, Piccolo) Daniel Dorrance
  • Reed 2: (Oboe, English Horn) Mike Livingston
  • Reed 3: (Flute, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet) Tanner Dawson
  • Trumpet 1: (Trumpet, Piccolo Trumpet) Gary Cordell
  • Trumpet 2: (Trumpet, Flugelhorn) Amy Paterson
  • Horn: David Lintz
  • Trombone: (Trombone, Bass Trombone, Euphonium) Jay Nygaard
  • Violin 1: Tara Tichenor
  • Violin 2: Linda Ghidossi-DeLuca
  • Cello: Tracie Price
  • Bass: Ryan Crum
  • Line Guitar: (Acoustic, Electric) David Andersen
  • Drums/Percussion: Glenn Webb

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