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For many fans of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, the idea of portraying a role like Belle — or at the very least, getting to don the iconic yellow dress — would be a dream come true. This summer one fan — who also happens to be a talented actress — is living that dream.

“This has always been one of my favorite Disney shows,” says Crystal Kellogg. “There’s just something that swells inside me when I hear the opening music.”

After getting over the initial shock and celebration at the chance to play the role of Belle at Tuacahn, Kellogg shared some behind-the-scenes details with a few “Did you know?” insights.

“I can totally relate to Belle’s love of books.”

Did You Know…?

  • One of Belle’s favorite stories in the play is “King Arthur,” which is also one of Kellogg’s favorite stories in real life.
    “I grew up reading ‘King Arthur’ and watching the movie Merlin,” Kellogg says. “I love the medieval time period.”
  • Belle’s fastest costume change is 52 seconds. Kellogg has to change from the blue Belle dress into the pink dress for the library scene in less than a minute.
  • Belle and Kellogg share a love of reading.
    “I was the kid that went to the library every day after school,” Kellogg says. “I can totally relate to Belle’s love of books.”
  • Kellogg’s favorite thing about Belle is that she has a mind of her own.
    “I love that she is so strong,” Kellogg says. “She really was ahead of her time as far as females went. That’s why everyone thinks she’s so different. But she has the ability to be kind to people while still standing up for herself.”

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