Cast of Annie in tunnel.

The Secret Tunnel

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Have you ever wondered how the actors get from one side of the stage to the other without being seen? Since many of the shows at Tuacahn use the land behind the stage as part of the set, a tunnel system was created below the stage for actors to get where they need to be. The tunnel spans the entire length of the stage creating an easy path for them to cross without the audience even knowing.  Also, it has a path to the front of the stage with elevators to lift actors or props directly onto the middle of the stage. It isn’t like any other cement tunnel out there, like everything at Tuacahn, it is full of color and memories. At the end of each show, a mural is painted on the wall and autographed by each of the actors. The tunnel both serves its functional value of helping the actors move and its sentimental value of keeping the shows and actors in the memories of Tuacahn.

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