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Do you know about our Tuacahn Indoor Hafen Theatre?

  • Every year in our indoor Hafen Theatre we have performances in the Spring, Summer and Winter.
  • Indoor performances are Broadway caliber productions with professional casts full of actors from across the country from New York to Los Angeles.
  • It’s a smaller theatre (428 seats), so you’ll be much closer to the action, feeling more intimate.
  • The theatre is air conditioned for the hot summer months and heated for the cold winter.
  • All the seats are cushioned and comfortable.
  • You still get the outdoor Tuacahn magic, brought to you indoors.
  • A new air filtration system was added last year.

Buy tickets now for Million Dollar Quartet during the 2021 season in the Hafen Theatre at Tuacahn.


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  1. Looking for more country entertainment in the future! If there was a production of interest, we might give it a try!

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