5 Reasons to come see Million Dollar Quartet at Tuacahn

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1. The Previous 2018 Cast is Returning

The cast from Tuacahn’s 2018 production of the show will be returning for the 2021 version. Once again Gabe Aronson, Kavan Hashemian, Benjamin D. Hale, Colin Summers, John Gardiner, Kyli Rae, and David Sonneborn will be playing their own instruments, which is one of the things that makes Million Dollar Quartet unique.

2. All of the music is performed Live on Stage!

“There are no recorded tracks and no back stage band, so it’s like watching one of the greatest rock bands on stage. A show like Million Dollar Quartet usually rocks the house, After this last year…I think they’re going to blow the roof off the place!” said Keith Andrews- Director for Million Dollar Quartet

3. Located indoors, out of the heat.

It’s summer time and already getting hot. Million Dollar Quartet is performed in our air conditioned indoor Hafen Theatre. This intimate 428 seat theatre means you’ll be up close to all the action!

Ben Hale as Johnny Cash

Ben Hale plays the part of Johnny Cash in Million Dollar Quartet.

4. Local actor plays Johnny Cash.

For actor Ben Hale, reprising his role as Johnny Cash in this summer’s Tuacahn production of Million Dollar Quartet is a little like coming home. A former student of Dixie State University, Hale’s performing career has taken him across the nation to tackle a wide variety of roles, as well as recording his own music in Nashville. But the first time he was cast in the Las Vegas production of Million Dollar Quartet he was surprised by how much his time living with his grandparents in Ivins, Utah during college seemed to influence him. “My grandpa was always watching all the old classic cowboy movies,” Hale said. “He had this incredible baritone voice. In the morning I wouldn’t even need an alarm clock because his natural speaking voice would just shake the walls.”
Laughing at the memory, Hale added, “It wasn’t that he was being loud, his voice was just so deep.” It’s a sound audiences will be able to relate to when Hale’s version of Johnny Cash steps up to “Walk the Line” inside the Hafen Theatre here at Tuacahn. Check out his music: benhalemusic.com

5. You don’t want to miss it.

Our 2018 production of Million Dollar Quartet sold out quickly, don’t miss out this year. This is your chance to come experience it again or see what your friends and family are raving about. Feel the nostalgia of these classic hits by Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash.

Hafen Theatre seating is limited. Get your tickets now.

Cast of 2021 Million Dollar Quartet

Cast of 2021 Million Dollar Quartet

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  1. My husband and I drove 5 hours to come see the Million Dollar Quartet. It was fabulous!!! The cast was amazing and so very talented.

  2. Next week will be our fourth time to hear The Million Dollar Quartet! We drive six hours from the other side of the state to hear them. We never tire of their program. The first time we saw them was in Branson, Missouri and we’ve been traveling to see them ever since. Loaded with talent! Great show!

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