Mallory King holding her pup at Tucacahn,

Living at Tuacahn – Canyon Suites

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When actors and crew from around the nation come to work at Tuacahn during the Broadway season, they’re almost invariably amazed at the prospect of working in such a magnificent setting.

Now, they get to live surrounded by the same beautiful views.

“Living so close just makes life a lot easier for everyone.”

Thanks to the completion of Canyon Suites at Tuacahn — a 29-unit complex — the artists live within walking distance of the outdoor Amphitheatre in a comfortable, tastefully designed facility that fosters camaraderie and privacy all at the same time.

Ollie the dachsund looking out the window

Ollie looking out the window to admire the view or maybe just spy on cast members.

“It’s really wonderful,” says Mallory King, a cast member who lived at Tuacahn Canyon Suites. “Living so close just makes life a lot easier for everyone.”

King’s living arrangement included space for her dachshund Ollie, and her brother who joined the Tuacahn crew a few months ago.

“It’s perfect because we have our space, but we’re also spending more time together than we ever have,” King says. Laughing, she added, “We haven’t lived together since 18 years old. When we were kids, the main thing we fought over was sharing a bathroom. But since these suites offer private rooms and bathrooms, it hasn’t been a problem.”

“With increasing rental rates in the area, it just made sense for Tuacahn to build its own housing.”

When it comes to regional theater contracts, it is not unusual for the theater to provide housing for actors and crew coming from outside the area. However, living so close to the theater in such well-appointed, comfortable accommodations is something that sets Tuachan apart from many other regional theater companies.

Mallory King holds her pup

Mallory King and Ollie lived in the cast housing just walking distance from Tuacahn Amphitheatre.

“Many of Tuacahn’s visiting artists are here for six months or more, thanks to our expanded season,” says Kevin Smith, Tuacahn CEO. “With increasing rental rates in the area, it just made sense for Tuacahn to build its own housing.”

As an added bonus, the public can take advantage of the gorgeous views and comfortable amenities during the off-season when Canyon Suites at Tuacahn are available for short-term vacation rentals.

As an actress with a busy rehearsal and performing schedule, King says there are several perks of living at Canyon Suites. Here are a few.

Did you know?
  • The facility offers a swimming pool and hot tub for residents’ use.
  • Two on site dance studios are available to be used by actors and crew for group exercise classes as well as recording private auditions and other rehearsals.
  • The outdoor gathering space is ideal for socializing with the other residents and pets.
  • The facility offers a combination of one, two, three and four bedroom suites with a private bathroom for each room, and a shared kitchen.
Images of Canyon Suites at Tuacahn
Canyon Suites from up canyon

A view of the Canyon Suites looking southeast.

Canyon Suites Kitchen

An inside view of one of the units at Canyon Suites.


Canyon Suites pool

Residents of Canyon Suites have access to a pool.

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  1. My wife and I love Tuacahn. We’ll be looking to come stay at the complex during the off-season. Thanks for making it available for folks like us.

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