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Amid glowing praise for this year’s Tuacahn production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, one of the common descriptions is something like, “The show is just so beautiful!”

That beauty can be credited, at least in part, to the artistic talents of Scenic Charge Artist Cynthia Klumpp.

“…I loved doing the stage when I was on stage, but now this is my passion.”



A stage actress for several years with Tuacahn, it was during the 2012 season that Klumpp found herself wandering to the Tuacahn paint shop, making friends with the artists there and eventually helping to freehand some of the painting.

“I’d always painted murals for my children’s rooms,” Klumpp said. “Then when I started in community theater I started painting sets. It just grew from there. I loved doing the stage when I was on stage, but now this is my passion.”

This year, Klumpp’s handiwork can be seen in everything from the Belle’s magical bedroom in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast to the brick walls in Million Dollar Quartet and the

fountain horses and pirate ship in The Count of Monte Cristo.

In between her many projects, Klumpp found a few moments to share some insider info about the set pieces at Tuacahn.

Did You Know…?

* Most people order paint by the gallon, but at Tuacahn they order by 5 gallon buckets, averaging around 30-45 gallons of paint per set.

Dining table from the Beauty and the Beast

Dining table from the Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

* Each set piece is built with raw wood that requires a layer of roofing compound (referred to as “goop” by the artists) to make it water resistant. Then after each piece is painted with multiple techniques, it is sealed with a water-based sealer.

Sugar bowl from Beauty and the Beast

Sugar bowl from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

* This year the Disney’s Beauty and the Beast set is the most colorful, showcasing a theme of purples and blues. Using high pigment paint, combined with special lighting design by the Tuacahn light designers, makes the whole set appear dramatic and vibrant.

* Depending on the show, it takes between 3 and 6 weeks to completely paint each set.

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  1. The Beauty and the Beast set was so awesome. We thought Disney provided it. The lighting was amazing!!

  2. The whole audience gasped at the end of Beauty and the Beast when Belle came out in that gold gown with all the crystals on it. The light that bounced off of that gown was almost blinding. It was a beautiful ending and brought tears to your eyes. Tuacahn always does a fantastic job in producing shows. I have seen many shows on Broadway in New York and Tuacahn can hold “a candle” to Broadway. Top notch…

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